It is a wonderful decision of joining the network marketing community. You would have previously ventured into recruiting. Would have succeeded to some extent or failed miserably. The best thing would be to just forgive and forget the past and start a fresh. Here are some scripts that would enhance your network marketing recruiting skills. To talk about network marketing recruiting scripts let us start knowing network marketing.

Network marketing is a business option requiring low investment and ideal for those looking for part time, flexible options. It involves selling the products and recruiting more sales representatives. Knowing recruiting scripts that are commonly used and their importance and situation wherein they have to be used is of utmost importance. There are plenty of scripts available, Some hot scripts:

Step 2: Compliment the prospect

It is necessary that you find some sincere compliment so that the communication doors are opened and he will agree to hear to what you talk.

Warm market:

You are one of the smartest people I know and I really admire your judgement”

Cold market:

You are super smart. You have given me the best service I received”

For this purpose direct and indirect approaches can be used. Direct are used when you talk about opportunity to a person specifically, indirect is used when you want to ask for advice or help and the last super indirect approach is to ask for recommendation of someone else they know


Step 3: Take an initiative and invite

Of these, a network marketing professional finds the direct approach appropriate for all their prospects.

Direct approach:

“I have found something very interesting, you really need to see”

“I have ventured onto starting a new business. Before I take it up I want to try it out on someone. Would you mind if I used you for that?”

Indirect approach:

“Do you know of anyone who is involved in a job search seriously?”

Step 4: Emphasize on the invite

This is a secret weapon that you can use before you share your secret. Ask for a favour and see the response. If the steps 1 to 3 were done systematically, you can expect the answer to be yes.

"If I give you a CD which has our business presentation, will you watch it?"

If extra information is asked for, and then be polite to answer that "All the information that you want to know is there in the CD that I gave you. So watch it and then let us review.

Will you review it?”

If the answer is no then just thank him for his time. And move on. Never hand over the CD to him.


Step 5: Fix a time frame for the above task.

“When are you sure that you can listen to the CD?”

Getting commitment with regards to time is very important. Don’t suggest time, but insist on them finding time for you. Saying yes to step 4 is not commitment.

Step 6: Confirm the time commitment

If they commit that by Tuesday they will listen to the CD, then you should confirm the commitment.

“So if I meet you on Wednesday, you would have surely listened to it right?”

By repeating it 3 times so far they would have definitely done it by themselves. By doing so they would have set an appointment for you with them for the future.

Step 7: Get their appointment

“What is the right time and number to call you?”

Now this confirms the appointment. Be polite to get their time and number.

Step 8: Stay off the phone

Now it is time for you to act like you are very busy. Stop the conversation. “Awesome. Let’s talk later. Gotta go...”

These scripts do work wonders with slight variation with regard to the circumstance used. With regards to script it is essential to get the basic concept of network marketing recruiting, rather than the script. In recruiting there are learning experiences. Practice makes you perfect. So if you decide to become a network marketing recruiting professional then practice along with confidence can reach you there.